Janet's performances over the years reflect her wide range of interests and talents, from demonstrations of her interactive computer music program, Acoustic Reflex, to more traditional classical pieces. Happily, a number of these were recorded, and are available here through the efforts of Joseph Kucera at UCSD. Please note that all recordings on this page are for non-commercial enjoyment only.

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Acoustic Reflex 5_30_1994
Acoustic Reflex
Aranya Prathet
Bach 3 part Ricercar
Bach Canonic Elaborations Royal Theme
Bach Six-part Ricercar from Musical Offering
Bach Three-part Ricercar from Musical Offering
Bach Various Canons Royal Theme
Density 21.5
Devienne Duo for Flute and Viola
Environmental Waltz
F. Richard Moore - We
Goldstein Vermont
Lignes 2
The Environmental Waltz
Two Madrigals
von Weber Menuetto
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