Put anything vaguely flutelike in front of Janet, and she could play it. It was a talent that served her well when she started playing medieval music with the Jubilatores back in the early 1990s. Later training in improvisation at UCSD honed her ability to weave new melodies out of old songs, just as musicians in the middle ages did. She was able to turn the apparent weaknesses of early flutes to her advantage, with deft pitch control and esquisite tone colors.

This album is from her days with the Goliards, a group she helped found and continued to play with until 2010, when illness prevented her from performing. Geoffery Adams was on vocals, medieval guitar and psaltry, David Brewer on percussion, and her husband David on harp. It has the only recording out there of Janet singing, on Sumer is Icumen in. "I'm not a singer, I'm a flutist!" she said. But the group pointed out that no one else could sing the soprano line.

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Basse Danse
Bone Flute
Celum non Animum
Des Oge
In Taberna
Miri it is
Non Sofre
Se Ome
Sumer is Icumen in
Tempus est iocundum
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